Saturday, February 9, 2013

mean people suck

it must a full moon this week.  I have dealt with crazy people, grooming issues, sleeping issues, and now i just have this looming sense of doom. 

Yesterday, a dog tried to eat my groomers face off, then did a complete back flip when she tried to bath him/her (mocha).  The husband dropped off the dog and said that he didn't like the last cut and wanted it shorter.  The wife loved the last cut and hated this cut.  The dog gave him/herself rope burn when she/he did the back flip.  This was pointed out the the husband, but the wife didn't feel as though this was adequate enough.  I wish husbands and wives would communicate. 

Today, my groomers tried to make it to the hospital before their grandfather died to say goodbye, leaving a ladies dogs 95% completed.  The customer thought it would be appropriate to ask my bather "if he was stupid" and why he couldn't finish the dogs, after she cussed him......I am still contemplating calling this lady and asking her if she has a soul. 

I am in my "i hate people" mood. 

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